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Report a Player Format

1. Your IGN (In Game Name):

2. IGN of the Reported player:

3. Why you are reporting him:

4. Proof (screenshot, recording)

5 months ago

Report a BUG Format

1. IGN (In Game Name):

2. Which server is the bug on?:

3. Bug:

5 months ago

YouTuber/Famous Application Format

Use this format when you applying for Media Rank!

YouTuber/Famous Criteria

-If you are cheating you will be BLACKLISTED

-You must be Respectful and Kind to Staff and players.

-For YouTuber Rank you must have minimum 150 subscribers, 1 video on the network and 200 views per video!

-For Famous Rank you must have minimum 450 subscribers, 2 videos on the network and 450 views per video!

- If you are avertising other services you rank will be DELETED.


1. IGN (In Game Name):

2. For what rank you are applying: Famous/YouTuber

3. Discord:

4. Channel link:

5. Subscriber Amount:

6. Views per video:

7. Link to video/videos

8. Do you agree that you will be Respectful and kind to players and staff?:

5 months ago

Staff Application Format

Use this format when you applying for staff!


1. IGN (In Game Name):

2. Age:

3. Country:

4. Timezone:

5. Do you have microphone?:

6. What languages do you speak?:

7. Do you have staff expirience?:

8. Why do you want to become a Staff Member?:

9. Why should we accept you as a Staff Member?:

10. How active can you be each day?:

5 months ago

Forum Rules

Forum Rules


-Links to porn or extremely graphic content are not permitted.

-Topics that contain inappropriate content must be tagged as NSFW (Not Safe For Work)

-Don’t spam. This includes garbage posts like “lol”,”:d”,”lol so true” or anything that contributes nothing to the conversation

-Racial and/or sexual slurs are not acceptable! (Result a Ban)

-Do not harass other members via private message or posts! (Result a Ban)

-Use common sense

-Stay on topic

-Do not advertise other servers or yourself. This includes usage of affiliate links

5 months ago