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YouTuber/Famous Application Format

 Started by bossWitherBG

Use this format when you applying for Media Rank!

YouTuber/Famous Criteria

-If you are cheating you will be BLACKLISTED

-You must be Respectful and Kind to Staff and players.

-For YouTuber Rank you must have minimum 150 subscribers, 1 video on the network and 200 views per video!

-For Famous Rank you must have minimum 450 subscribers, 2 videos on the network and 450 views per video!

- If you are avertising other services you rank will be DELETED.


1. IGN (In Game Name):

2. For what rank you are applying: Famous/YouTuber

3. Discord:

4. Channel link:

5. Subscriber Amount:

6. Views per video:

7. Link to video/videos

8. Do you agree that you will be Respectful and kind to players and staff?:

By bossWitherBG, 5 months agoLast edited: 5 months ago