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Minecraft server rules.

 Started by bossWitherBG

Minecraft Rules

In all servers:

-Do not hack/cheat

-Do not be toxic in chat

-Do not send links to other services/servers

-Do not spam

-Do not be racist


-Do not be toxic!

-Do not spam!

-Do not DTR evade

-Do not ally

-Do not block/enderpearl glitching

-Do not inside

-Do not invite people and then kick them and killing them

-Do not do player hostage

-Do not freeze minecraft

In KitMap:

-Do not block/enderpearl glitching

-Do not freeze minecraft

-Do not inside

In Prison:

-Do not be toxic

-Do not lie to staff/players

-Do not greef

-Do not cheat

Allowed Mods:







-Rei”s Minimap without Player Radar

-Daytime Mod



-KeyStrokes Mod

-PotAlerts Mod

Allowed Clients:

-Lunar Client

-PvP Lounge Client


-Badlion Client

-HCVortex Client (SOON)

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